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Item no.: 1316465316

Item name: HCM-4*8/400T Plywood cold press

Detail description

Detailed Product Description

1.Use best oil cylinder and framed structure

2.Good after sell service

3.OEM offered small volume,handling,conveninet asemmbly. and out of gas hose are  adopt heat-resisting corrugated pipe,steel wire enhance hose ,use a long life cycle,is not easy to damage.

3.hydraulic device main components are installed in compressor top,cover a small area pipelines road aleady matched good before delivery ,dispense with spot configuration .

4. install basic shallow,deepest is not higher than 0.7MM.Bring convenience for cleaning,maintenance,and good safety .

5.small work power ,fast closing speed,simple structure,low cost.

6.good synchronicity,lift smoothlyand low failure rate,easy maintenance.

7.small volume,good appearance
8.wide application in wood-based pannel industry,specially for plywood manufacture.


 Main technical parameter:


1 Main cylinder total pressure KN 5000
2 Side cylinder total pressure KN 140
3 Main cylinder rated pressure MPa 21
4 Left cylinder rated pressure MPa 14
5 Closing time S 25
6 Falling time S 20