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Item no.: 113140516

Item name: HCM-500Twoodworking machine/finger jonit boardheat press machine

Detail description
Detailed Product Description

1.professional manufactuer
2.high efficiency and stability
3.reliable performance
5.used for fingerjointboard

HCM-500T synchronous lateral heat press machine


heat press machine,plywood machine,woodworking cnc machine



1.The host machine features a framework integrated with upper tray, middle tray and lower tray.

2.The host machine boasts powerful rigid and strength.

3. Hot plates with snake-shaped tunnels are set between the upper and middle trays for an even heating of the surface by steam.

4.The support feet and ladder plates can bear the hot plate and work as a guiding. With a simultaneous-close set, the hot plates in the machine can be closed at the same time.

5.Thanks to the adjustable pull rod, the separation distance error can be corrected. Side-pressing units are fixed in both sides of the frame to compress the sides tightly.

6.The oil tank synchronization set make the side-pressing units move forward and backward with the oil tank at the same time.


7.stable work, also closed, make product profile glue together properly.
8 PLC programmable control components and equipment to full automation.
wide range of products, processing thickness 6-50mm.

10.The four sides of up, down, right and left close simultaneously, lending more powerful side gluing strength to the product.

 Main parameters:

1, The master cylinder pressure 5000KN
2, Side cylinder pressure 1500KN
3, Worktable size: 1450 * 2600 (MM)
4, Layers: 10
5, Opening : 80MM
6, Diameter of the master cylinder piston: 320MM
7, Master cylinder: 2
8, The side of the cylinder type and quantity: ¢ 100 / ¢ 50-100MM * 12
9, Closing time of master cylinder ≤ 30S
10, Time of lateral pressure≤ 8S
11, Heating medium: saturated steam
12, Low pressure pump flow 230L/min
13, High pressure pump flow rate 36L/min
14, Lateral pressure pump flow rate 36L/min
15, Master cylinder oil pressure: 31.5Mpa
16, Side cylinder oil pressure: 14Mpa
17, Total motor power: 15KW