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Item no.: HCM-500T

Item name: Synchronous lateral pressure machine

Detail description

The main technical parameters

1.The master cylinder pressure:5000KN

2.Side cylinder pressure:1500KN

3.Workavle size:1450*2600(MM)


5.Distance of hot platens:80MM

6.Diameter of the master cylinder piston:320MM

7.Master cylinder number:2

8.The side of the cylinder type and quantity:¢100/¢50-100MM*12PC

9.Closing time of master cylinder:≤30S

10.Time of lateral pressure:≤8S

11.Heating medium:saturated steam

12.Low pressure pump flow:230L/min

13.High pressure pump flow rate:36L/min

14.Lateral pressure pump flow rate:36L/min

15.Master cylinder oil pressure:31.5Mpa

16.Side cylinder oil pressure:14Mpa

17.Total motor power:15KW


19.Closed Action:Closed the same time (The error of hot-plate spacing of layers ≤ 5MM)